Act justly | Love mercy | Walk humbly

In recent weeks I’ve been reflecting on how I can use what I have to help, empower or show compassion to others in my community. I’m not talking about just financially helping people out, trust me, I’m not exactly rolling in money. What I mean is something the Bible sums up quite nicely – toContinue reading “Act justly | Love mercy | Walk humbly”

January blues

January blues have hit harder than usual for many in 2021. It’s difficult enough when the weather is grey and days are shorter. But with children at home, keyworkers fatigued, grandparents at a distance and loved ones in hospital – it can seem almost impossible to find motivation to do your work, let alone supportContinue reading “January blues”

Beginning thoughts with Siân

A quick hello to kick off my new blog and start the world of thoughts with Siân. I’ve started this blog as an overflow of my work, life, passions and interests. Here’ you’ll predominantly find my latest musings and tips around: Workplace wellbeing Personal wellbeing Enneagram & personality types Social justice discussions Top reads FaithContinue reading “Beginning thoughts with Siân”