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Seven easy ways to help save the planet

In response to Seaspiracy being aired on Netflix this week, there’s been a massive rise in conversation about sustainability. And before you click off this page… whether you believe everything that documentary says or not, the truth remains that we have serious work to do when it comes to living environmentally conscious lives. There’s twoContinue reading “Seven easy ways to help save the planet”

Seven ways to fight fear

Guys, there’s an awful lot of bad stuff going on in the world right now. All it takes is a glance at the news headlines to get some indication that people are really, really suffering. And it can be overwhelming. Facing the challenge of not living in fear can be so tough. Innocent women haveContinue reading “Seven ways to fight fear”

Six things all men can do to make women feel more safe

Yes all men, even the good ones. Not all men abuse women. In fact I’m blessed to know many great men who are allies that champion and protect the women in their lives. But let me invite you to take a step into the shoes of a woman for a second.When we’re walking down theContinue reading “Six things all men can do to make women feel more safe”

My top 5 books by black female authors

In honour of World Book Day, I thought I’d share my top five recent reads by black female authors. Why? Most of what I have read in my life has been by white British or American authors. Despite completing a degree in Literature, I was not exposed to a large amount of black female authors.Continue reading “My top 5 books by black female authors”

Act justly | Love mercy | Walk humbly

In recent weeks I’ve been reflecting on how I can use what I have to help, empower or show compassion to others in my community. I’m not talking about just financially helping people out, trust me, I’m not exactly rolling in money. What I mean is something the Bible sums up quite nicely – toContinue reading “Act justly | Love mercy | Walk humbly”