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11 Mar 2021

Six things all men can do to make
women feel more safe

Enneaseries: Find & understand your Enneagram number

The beauty of the Enneagram is that it’s a flexible, fluid and varied tool. However, this level of mobility in a personality matrix can look a little overwhelming and confusing at first, even when just looking into your own number. I’ve had a few conversations with people recently chatting through their different ‘possible’ numbers and…

Enneaseries: What’s the Enneagram all about?

If you’re not sure what the Enneagram is, but have heard people talk about it a lot – you’re not alone. It’s a personality typing tool, but it’s not like any others that you might know. The Enneagram has been used for hundreds of years, dating right back to Benedictine Monks using the tool for…

Seven easy ways to help save the planet

In response to Seaspiracy being aired on Netflix this week, there’s been a massive rise in conversation about sustainability. And before you click off this page… whether you believe everything that documentary says or not, the truth remains that we have serious work to do when it comes to living environmentally conscious lives. There’s two…

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