Hey, nice to meet you.
I’m really glad you’re here.

My name is Siân Johns and I’m 27 years old, currently living in Nottingham, England.
This blog was created as an overflow of my work, passions, faith and… you guessed it, thoughts.
All from the perspective of an extroverted, enneagram 8, woman of faith.

Let’s break it down

What I do for work

My official title is content & people specialist for a tech marketing agency called Continuity Marketing.
My role there includes a bunch of wonderful copywriting as well as the implementation of workplace wellbeing practices.

What I love

I love people, so much. I love my people; my husband Simon, my family, my wonderful goddaughters and friends. but if you’re around me for longer than two minutes you’ll very quickly realise I just love being around other people full stop.
p.s. also a big fan of red wine, dairy milk when it’s been put in the fridge overnight & houseplants… lots of houseplants.

What I read

You’re likely to hear a lot of reference on this blog to the enneagram, faith, and feminism. Most of what I read falls into one of these categories, although having an English Literature degree, I am a bit of a sucker for the classics, can’t go wrong with Austen.

What I’m passionate about

Social justice.

I’m passionate about these things because of the person God made me to be. my christian faith is the biggest part of who I am.

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