Surviving and thriving in the remainder of the pandemic

Whether you’re working from home, on furlough or still able to go to work – these tips are for you. In a stressful and unexpected time, it’s so important to look after yourself. If we look after ourselves, we’ll have more to give to those around us who need support. The pressure we can putContinue reading “Surviving and thriving in the remainder of the pandemic”


Act justly | Love mercy | Walk humbly

In recent weeks I’ve been reflecting on how I can use what I have to help, empower or show compassion to others in my community. I’m not talking about just financially helping people out, trust me, I’m not exactly rolling in money. What I mean is something the Bible sums up quite nicely – toContinue reading “Act justly | Love mercy | Walk humbly”

Top 8 tips for wellbeing at work

Notes from my recent talk at Synergy Churches online conference This week I was one of the speakers at an online zoom conference with over 300 people from all over the world! What an experience. I was asked to speak on ‘Wellbeing in the Workplace’ to inspire other companies, community groups & churches to embraceContinue reading “Top 8 tips for wellbeing at work”