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Beginning thoughts with Siân

A quick hello to kick off my new blog and start the world of thoughts with Siân.

I’ve started this blog as an overflow of my work, life, passions and interests.

Here’ you’ll predominantly find my latest musings and tips around:

  • Workplace wellbeing
  • Personal wellbeing
  • Enneagram & personality types
  • Social justice discussions
  • Top reads
  • Faith & theology
  • Undoubtedly lots of home & plant finds

I’ve decided to bring my thoughts on these topics online following an influx of requests to share some of the wellbeing practices I’ve implemented both in my personal life & at home.

While it might seem like a wide range of topics, if you continue to read these posts you’ll quickly realise how I’ve found them all to intertwine in an interesting and life-changing way!

I hope this brings some useful insight to your workplace or prompts discussions and joy in your personal life.

Ultimately, I hope that you discover something about yourself and your place in the world.
The impact you can have.
The skills you carry.
The peace you can gain.
The legacy you can leave.

29 Jan 2021


Published by thoughtswithsiân

Copywriter talking about all things culture, wellbeing & faith. All from the perspective of an extroverted, enneagram 8, woman of faith.

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